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How do I use my gymGO Ledger?

Learn about how to use your ledger to visualize transactions on your account.

The ledger is an itemized list of all transactions that have taken place on your account.  Inside the ledger you will see charges, refunds, bank transfers and adjustments.  

Date - The date the transaction took place
Amount - What the total amount was
Fee - The merchant processing fee
Net Change - The Amount subtract the Merchant Fee
Description - Can be one of charge, refund, bank transfer or adjustment
Status - If the amount is available to be withdrawn to your bank account or debit card.
Available On - When the charge is potentially available to be withdrawn to a bank account or debit card.


For example, the above represents a single record inside the ledger that was processed on June 20, 2018 for $59.00. There was a merchant fee of $2.31 resulting in a net change to the account of $56.69.  The origin of the record was a credit card charge and is currently available because it's after Jul 4, 2018.