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How Do I Upload Prerecorded Videos?

Learn how to upload your own prerecorded content on gymGO.

Many fitness professionals create their own video content using a recording device such as a GoPro, IPhone, IPad or other video recording device. gymGO supports uploading those created videos and giving access to them to your clients through your own client portal.

Short Explanation

Step 1: Click on "Media Hub"

Step 2: Click The "Record Or Upload" Button

File Input Formats

When you click the "record or upload" button gymGO will prompt you to upload a video. gymGO supports a variety of video formats including MP4, MOV, WEBM, AVI, DIVX, FLV, 3GP, WMV, VOB, DCM and MKVvideo files, as well as a wide variety of video codecs. If you’re not sure if your input file is supported, simply add it and see if gymGO is able to recognize it. 

Best video formats for file input --> .mp4, .mov, .webm

Supported Browsers

If You're On A Computer we support Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari

If You're On A Iphone or Ipad we support Safari only

If You're On An Android we support Chrome only

Uploading Process

When you begin uploading your video, gymGO will begin a two phase process.

1) Processing

gymGO will begin to process your video as soon as you start uploading. The processing will usually take 1/3 the time of the video. So if your video is 30 minutes in length it should take about 10 minutes. If the video is higher quality it may take a lot longer. A typical 30 minute video at 1080p will usually be around 600-800 MB but could be smaller or larger. Please be patient while the video is processing and make sure you have your computer plugged in (if you're using a laptop).

Hints While The Video Is Processing

* Close all other tabs in your browser

* Close all other programs on your computer

2) Uploading

Once the video has been processed, it's time to upload it to gymGO. This involves taking your video file and securing it on gymGO so you can deliver it to your clients. This process can take 5-10 minutes for a 30 minute video. This process can take a lot longer if you have a bad network connection. Try to be close to your wifi router when you are doing this process. If you're doing this process from a mobile device you will use 100-300MB of wireless data. You are able to resume uploads that don't complete and we support bad network connections but it's an easier process when you have a good connection.

Delivering the video to your clients

gymGO allows you fine grained control over who sees your video. We use powerful security to only grant access to the users that you've allowed access to.

To see more information on how to deliver videos to your clients see here. Our "live video recording" feature deposits videos into the same location so the instructions are the same for that

Where do I find my Media Storage Minutes

Each gymGO subscription has a set amount of Video Media Storage Minutes before you are asked to either upgrade or need to delete older videos. You will find the Total Duration of all your videos at the top left corner in your Media Hub.