How Do I Update My Services

Updating & Deleting Service Types Is An Important Part To Any Fitness Business. Here's How

You may offer several different services such as "Personal Training", "Yoga" or "Nutrition". These are what gymGO calls "Service Types". Once you've created some different service types for your business it's sometimes a good idea to do a little house cleaning by deleting or editing them.

Step 1 - Click "Calendar"

Click on "Calendar" from the left hand navigation menu

Step 2 - Choose the "Services Items" tab

Step 3 - Click the pencil icon to edit your services

From here you'll be able to delete or update at will. Careful - If you delete a service type that's been attached to a calendar item we will remove the service type from the calendar item and a client might not be able to find a class they're looking for. Make sure you review your changes and make sure the change is intended. Don't forget to click "Save".


Editing Services-1