Overview: Account Settings

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you start setting up your gymGO Client Management Software.

Welcome to your new gymGO client management software, let’s get you started. On the left hand side is your main navigation bar, this is  where you will access most of the features in your new gymGO client management system.  


This article will focus on "Account Settings", which you can access from the drop-down menu located in the upper right corner by your name.  



We’ll start by selecting “App Settings”.  Click the pencil icon to edit your business name, timezone and unique URL.  You can also customize the colors and icon for your gymGO client portal.

To access your account as a trainer your custom url will be: my.gymgo.com/custom-url, your clients will need to just change the "my" to "go" to access the client side of your system: go.gymgo.com/custom-url will be your client side portal link. You can always click on this link to see the client side of your account or copy and paste it into an email to invite a client to your calendar.



Now choose the "Instructors" tab. You should start by adding yourself as an instructor. You may have done this if you completed the on boarding process but if not you can do it now. 


Select the green "+" icon in the upper right corner, enter your name and a short description of your qualifications and specialties, then press “Save”, it’s that easy!


The "fees" tab allows you to create fees that you can pass onto your clients when they purchase a package or a membership.  Use the green "+" icon to create as many fee/taxes as you'd like.  These can be either a percentage of the purchase or a specific dollar amount.  You will later attached the fees when you are creating your packages and memberships. 



You will use this tab to track any payments from gymGO to your bank account.  The first step here is to add the bank account to which you would like to accept transfers from gymGO.  Once you have added a bank account, you can then set up your payout schedule.  You can set up payouts on a daily basis, however the transfers will take up to 48 hours to process.  You also have an option here to display your financials on the dashboard.



This tab must be completed and you must be verified as a business or an individual before gymGO can continue to send payouts to your account.    You will use the pencil icon to complete the required information on both the Identity and Verification cards.  If you need any help with this section, please contact support@gymgo.com.


You have now completed a good portion of your account set up!  The next step will be to go to your Calendar and start creating your Services and Service Items.