How Do I Trigger Automated Email Notifications?

You can setup notifications to send to your clients after they create an account, purchase a package, book a session with you..etc

Want to send a welcome email after a client creates an account->First go to Communications Hub (left hand side menu)-> Click the "+" sign and then Click Get Started-> When A Client Does Something ->Pick when you wish to send the message out depending on what the client does-> Name this Rule-> Click Next, Configure Message





  Configuring Your Email->Click into Send An Email -> Make sure you Slide to Turn On Email Message-> You will now add your Email Subject(what your clients will see in their inbox)-> Start creating your message, you can copy and paste the template variable below the email body if you wish Ex: the variable:person.first_name will pull the persons first name, these variables help personalize the message to your clients.-> Once you create your message you will need to hit Save below the template variables-> Now you will need to Activate the message to be sent by sliding over the Activate button for your goBOT. *This message will be sent to their email once they have created account.

email screenshot



*You can also Create a Text Message and Web App Alert to be sent out following the same steps as an email and making sure you hit Save.

*Text Messages must be 250 characters or under in order to save and send and a client will get a Web App Alert if they have downloaded the App to their phone!