How Do I Record Using The Webcam or Phone Camera

Learn how to record a video using your webcam or phone camera.

Short Explanation

Visit "Videos and Files" and click the "Upload Or Record" button

Technical Considerations

Device & Browser Support

Recordings Shorter Than 5 Minutes we support virtually any browser or device. If you're using an Iphone or Ipad we recommend using Safari and if you're using Android we recommend using Chrome.

Recordings Longer Than 5 minutes we support Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.

Chrome Is Recommend

While other browsers and devices certainly work, we highly recommend the Chrome browser. Why you ask? It's way faster!


Where does my recording go?

Once you record a video it gets stored securely on our servers where nobody has access except you and your clients (once you choose the clients that have access). We use strict security settings and the latest protection for your content.

How Do I Distribute My Recording?

You can follow the instructions at the end of this article for how to distribute a recording.

How Is This Different From Live Recording?

Live recording is recording a live video feed. That means the quality of the video will depend entirely on your internet connection and the live, interactive video experience as described here. Live videos are available almost immediately but may not be as high quality as the camera recording videos. The camera recording videos will take 10-15 minutes to process and 5-10 minutes to upload.