How Do I Deliver Documents And Images To My Clients?

Sometimes you need to send documents and images like nutrition programs and workout plans. You can send PDF's and images using the Media Hub or Media Store.

 How to send a PDF or image via Media Hub.  You can send a PDF or image to an individual client or a group of clients that are part of a membership or package.

Step 1: Visit Media Hub and press "Upload PDF or Image"

Step 2: Choose a title and description for the PDF or image.

Step 3: Find the file on your computer and press "Save".

Step 4: Assign clients, packages, or memberships to the PDF.

Adding  PDF to Media Hub

How to sell a PDF or image via Media Store.  You can create content for sale that includes PDF's or images that you have uploaded to the media hub.

Step 1: Upload PDF or image to the media hub.

Step 2: Visit Media Store and press the green "+" symbol to create a new product.

Step 3: Click "Get Started"

Step 4: Add a title and click "Start Creating Product"

Step 5: Attach any videos, PDF's, and images that you need to create the product

Step 6: Edit each file to add a title and description.  You can also decide if you want it to be available immediately after purchase or a certain number of hours after purchase.

Step 7: Click "Create Price Choice" to set a price and expiration for your new product.

Step 8: Add a product title and description in the "Product Information" card.

Step 9: Choose a file to use as a cover photo for your product.

Step 10: Publish your product using the switch in the upper right corner of your screen. 

PDF Product-Media Store