How Do I Create A Reminder Email for My Clients?

To help keep track of your clients and attendance you may want to send out a reminder message prior to class to help reduce no shows

To set up Class Reminders you will need to go to Communications Hub (left hand side menu)-> Click the "+" sign and then Click Get Started



 Click into the Category Before or After Something Happens -> When Should I Send Message-> Add in how far in advance you wish to send this message (Minutes,Hours, Days)-> Make sure to select both "Before" and "A Class Starts"-> Then click the Next button-> What is the name of your rule -> Click Next Configure Message




Configuring your message-> Click into Send An Email -> Make sure you Slide to Turn On Email Message-> You will now add your Email Subject(what your clients will see in their inbox)-> Start creating your message, you can copy and paste the template variable below the email body if you wish Ex: the variable  person.first_name will pull the persons first name, these variables help personalize the message to your clients.-> Once you create your message you will need to hit Save-> Make sure you hit Activate to turn on the goBOT. *This alert will now send 30 minutes before a class to everyone who has reserved

email screenshot



*You can also send Text Message and Web App Alerts-> You will follow the same directions as you did for the Send An Email and make sure you Slide to Turn On Message to make message activate and click Save. If you set up Web App Alert for your clients, your clients will get the Web App Notification if they have the web app downloaded on their phone.