The gymGO Bank & goTIME Credits

Learn about how you use your gymGO bank.

When planning your business and how you would like to charge your clients for virtual training sessions, you should be familiar with the costs to you. We've attempted to simplify the process as best we could and deliver a service that helps you increase your monthly revenue while providing a great online service to your clients.

gymGO Bank

Access your gymGO Bank from the credits value listed above the dashboard in the upper left hand corner. From this screen you will be able to add money to your bank, track virtual sessions and their associated costs, and check your balance to make sure that it covers future virtual & broadcast sessions.


To add money to your bank, select the red plus button at the upper right. You will be required to put in a minimum of $10 but can choose any amount over $10 you like if you don't want to be adding money every few days. Finally, select the purchase button and the amount will be deducted from the card that you have on file. Instructions on how to add a card can be found at the end of this article.

You can view your gymGO bank balance in two locations. You can see it next to "gymGO Bank" under the "Manage Calendar" sub menu, or once you click on "gymGO Bank", you can also view your balance at the top left of the screen, above your gymGO Ledger. This is handy when you are in a mobile view and the navigation bar isn't always open.


Each month we will top off your balance to either $10, $25, or $50 depending on whether you are subscribed to a Build, Grow, or Amplify account level. It will not accumulate so if you don't use it, your balance will remain the same, if you use some of it, the balance will be replenished to it's monthly level. If you use all of it and add more to your account, the base balance will be replenished when your monthly subscription renews.

Each time you hold a virtual session you will see it listed in the ledger by date, time, and the name of the session, along with the costs associated with the session. These costs are what are deducted from your gymGO Bank. gymGO will never charge your card directly to cover a session, gymGO will only charge your gymGO Bank. You will be required to have enough money in your gymGO Bank in order to cover the session for the number of people that can sign up, not who have signed up. For example, if you have 2 of 6 signed in for a 30 minute session, you will need enough money in your bank to cover 6 even if only 2 join the session. In the end you'll only be charged for 2.

Below is a chart to help you understand the costs of a private session. These sessions can have up to 6 clients that can all see & hear the trainer & the trainer can see and hear them but they cannot see or hear each other, it is what we call Small Group Private and is included at the Build level.

Private Pricing Matrix-External

You can use this chart to calculate approximately what your sessions will cost. You may want to make sure that you have enough money in your bank to cover a full weeks worth of sessions.

Adding a credit card to your account

To add a credit card to your account, go to "My Business" -> "gymGO Billing" and click "Add New Card".


This card will be used to pay your monthly subscription fee, as well as reload your gymGO Bank once you have used up the complimentary monthly deposit. The deposit is our investment in your virtual training future as we believe it is the best way for you to increase your monthly income plus your hourly rate.